Val Masferrer Oliveira is a Venice based Brazilian-Portuguese photographer who worked in marketing and advertising for 16 years in Brazil. In 2003 she moved to Europe where she started to study Interior Design in different schools, including Inchbald School of Design (London) and IED Istituto Europeo di Design (Madrid).
Photography has been her passion since she was very young. A passion that she has kept live while she was working in other areas. Some years ago she decided to explore this passion artistically and professionally. Her work goes from reality to imagination, which is how she sees the world.

Val travelled extensively to Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Australasia and North, Central and South America, shooting, learning and recording observations and experiences...
In 2010 she was invited by a fine art gallery in NYC to exhibit and sell her art work. In 2011 she joined the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and in 2012 she started selling through Saatchi online. In 2013 she won the Public Choice Award in Bologna with Sculptures of Nature Series.

From June 2016 she started to research about dreams through three different school of thoughts, three different interesting perspectives: neuroscience, analytical psychology and Tibetan Buddhism.

Some of Val's work has recently been featured in publications based in the USA, Italy and Switzerland. Her work has been exhibited in many cosmopolitan cities such as London, Bologna, NYC, Hamburg and Madrid.

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