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The Equalitarian Light - Gallery Talk - London

Why going through such long, complex and convoluted theories trying to reach the ideal of equality for all people when the answer is so close and obvious? We are all imperishable souls, pure energy, a point of bright spiritual light. In our most basic natural and original state we are all a source of love, peace and joy. We are not our race, our colour, our gender, our sexuality, our nationality, our religion, our class, our wealth, our philosophy or our political choices. The human beings have long forgotten who they really are. We are already all equal but have no such awareness, rather we chose the path of discrimination, betrayal, lust, attachment, greed, hatred and war. We are living in an era where our Ego guides us to a state where we have no connection with our soul or that of others, miles away from our True Self.

The Equalitarian Light represents the true nature of the human being - pure bright spiritual light - blurred by a dysfunctional and struggling society. The world is a stage and we are all actors. No matter which role we play in this “stage drama”, we are all a point of light. We must become fully aware of this in order to connect to one another in peace and harmony and establish a fair, tolerant and balanced global society, overcoming the rough edge of differences.

It's now just a “stage drama”.. at the end we ALL go to the same home.