The Swans

The first artwork of the series Dreams is called The Swans, a dialog between presence and absence, movement and stillness..
It was presented at the Ateneo de Madrid, in October 2017 in Spain.

Dense fog in slow motion..
Small island moves like a cloud in the deep see of the unconscious mind.
Fluidity, intuition..”sangkalpa”!!!
Lucid emptiness..infinite possibility.
Is it a shadow? Inner child?
No identification but they talk..
No judgement but they talk..what are they saying?
A sense of protection starts to’s not so clear its presence anymore.. Link text here...

Size: 65cm x 160cm + 50cm x 160cm + 65cm x 160cm ( 3 panels)
Media: PhotoRag and C-Type Fuji Matt
Edition: 3 prints (signed, numbered)
N.B.: Certificates of authenticity are provided with print.

Swan Dream