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Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - March/2013

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Rocinha was an amazing experience. So much to learn to be able to tell the right story. I researched about Rocinha for almost 5 weeks and I discovered that there are even private school up there. Unbeliveble! I meet extraordinary people that are taking care of a group of children. The place that I went to visit, the kinder garden of UPMMRS - União Pró Melhoramento das Mulheres da Roupa Suja - is located in the poorest neighbourhood of Rocinha, even so I could feel the nice and calm atmosphere of motherhood and the smell of baby lotion everywhere. Thanks to this kind of people we are able to get our Brazilian children out of the streets for a better future. Congratulations to ABC Trust to support this project.

April is already here and it seems exciting too...still do not know if I am going to cover it by foot or flying :)